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Stephanie Fernandez
Doctoral Candidate

Personal Information

Stephanie Fernandez completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biochemistry in 2010 at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.  She then completed a second Bachelor degree at McGill University in Chemical Engineering, graduating in 2014.  Her undergraduate research, performed in the laboratory of Prof. R. Leask, involved the use of atomic force microscopy to measure endothelial cell stiffness as a potential marker for disease.  

Project Description

Stephanie entered the Master’s program in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in 2014, under the co-supervision of Profs. C. Hoesli and R. Leask.  She transferred to the Doctoral program in September 2015.  Her current research project involves the development of a perfusable transplantation device for the treatment of type I diabetes.  This work incorporates pancreatic islet encapsulation and 3D printing methods, aiming to improve the success and longevity of islet transplantation treatment.  Hydrogel biomaterial properties and oxygen mass transport are key elements of this project.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department of Chemical Engineering

McGill University
3610 University Street
Wong Building, Room 7080
Montréal, Canada, H3A 0C5
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