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Héloïse Ugo
Master's Candidate
Personal Information
Héloïse was a Master's student in Membrane Engineering at EM3E (Erasmus Mundus in Membrane Engineering), which is a special Master's program jointly organized by six European research institutions.  She spent time studying at Université Montpellier 2, the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, and at the University of Lisbon.
Project Description
Héloïse completed her Master’s thesis at McGill University under the supervision of Prof. C. Hoesli in the Department of Chemical Engineering in July 2016.  Her project was entitled, "Effect of cationic polymer membranes and alginate concentration on encapsulated islet immunoisolation."  The objective of this project was to study the effect of alginate concentration and polymer membrane coating on the permeability of alginate beads.  Specifically, the aim was to characterize the permeability of the beads towards oxygen, insulin and antibodies.


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